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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 15, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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based on what has happened economically and the recovery and the president shares in some of that frustration. >> robert, if i could turn the currency question in a different way. it was reported that 41 white house aides owed back taxes to the irs. is that correct? have you been able to check that out? are they being paid? >> i don't know the answer to that but i can check. >> would you -- >> so you're hearing robert gibbs in the daily briefing today and really talking there about the primary results we saw yesterday, some frustration in the electorate he says with the economy but he says he's confident the democrats will maintain the majorities in the house an the senate come november. good day, everybody. i'm contessa brewer. covering the big news coast to coast. the tea party proving it can shape the political landscape a huge impact on november's midterm elections in 48 days its biggest victory in delaware where the establishment gop candidate went down and went
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down hard. tea party favorite o'donnell beat congressman castle. she dismissed she is not the serious candidate. >> it is a shame. i think a few people got their pride bruised last night. a few of the so-called experts proved that once again they were wrong. it is an unpredictable political season where anything goes. >> no one predicted the tea party to take the gop in new york but millionaire businessman carl paladino defeated former congressman rick lazio for the republican nomination for governor and it is still too close to all in new hampshire where the endorsement by sarah palin could be the difference. this could be a gift for democrats fearing the worse for the november elections. tim kaine said a split party may be easier to win. >> moderates aren't welcome. moderates keep out. >> we have team coverage of what this means for "decision 2010."
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chief washington correspondent norah o'donnell joins me and mark murray. does this defeign what the gop needs to do in 48 days? >> probably not norah. sorry, contessa. it doesn't really change what they need. the political wind are at their back right now. everything is going their way. yes, they might not have the mathematical edge to get the majority in the senate but they still stand to pick up some big gains in the house and also in the senate. this does hurt their chances of winning the senate seat in delaware but it doesn't end and as christine o'donnell's victory proved, anything is possible right now and she could be able to pull off the win perhaps come november. i mean, she certainly starts out with a disadvantage but as even she said this is an unpredictable season so far.
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>> now the republican leaders in washington are making it clear they'll back here. in fact, the head of the republican national senatorial committee cornyn says personally we stand by the nominees include including o'donnell in delaware. that statement coming out this morning. nora norah, the political watchers say it's a disadvantage in delaware and what they said about sharron angle in nevada an enseeing according to the recent reuters poll harry reid is only two points ahead. >> let's not overlook what's a stunning reversal today. i mean it's a day late from the chairman of the national republican senatorial committee this statement of approval. he's sending $46,000 to christine o'donnell and a number of republicans have said we can't distance ourselves from christine o'donnell. she may be a nut.
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that's karl rove's words calling her nutty and recognize the people that turned out part of the republican base and they cannot call her a crazy. they have to embrace her because they're part of the republican party and that's a big development this morning that cornyn said they're sending a check and realize they can't hold their nose or sort of stick their chin up saying we can't support someone like this. but -- >> and this new development, as well. mitt romney just said his political action committee will back o'donnell as well. this is an important point to make. here's the republican party saying, either we get behind the popularly supported candidates or we get left in the dust in november. >> that's right. but this will cause a war in the republican party in delaware. a top aide of castle called her a con artist. they have said she's delusional and could not be elected dogcatcher. so look. this is still a difficult
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situation in delaware and there are a number of republicans that were talking about picking up eight or nine senate seats. you need ten to take over the senate and saying maybe seven or eight because christine o'donnell is not their dream candidate for many, she is the nightmare candidate. >> norah mark, thank you. the candidates make it clear what they're against. what does the tea party stand for? i would like to hear your thoughts on this. reach me on twitter, facebook. my e-mail address. and we are having a lively conversation about it online already. in minutes hearing from a real american hero, the first living medical of honor recipient since the vietnam war. it is the nation's highest military award and awarded for valor in action. he will be talking with reporters from his post in italy. he distinguished himself in october 2007 in afghanistan. he risked his life to rescue two soldiers from enemy fire.
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nbc pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski joins us now. describe his actions that brought him to the recognition of superiors. >> reporter: contessa, sergeant j unta's story leaps off the pages. he joined the army straight out of high school in cedar rapids in the heart of the nation's farm belt and three years ago he was involved in an action, platoon was on patrol about midnight on a bright moonlit night and they were ambushed by taliban fighters. he himself was knocked to the ground knocked in the chest by two enemy bullets and leaped to his feet to run right into the hail of gun fire. throwing grenades and shooting all the way. he found one of the fellow soldiers wounded being dragged away by two taliban fighters. he killed one of those taliban the other taliban made a flight
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away. and then he temporarily dragged that soldier to safety. unfortunately, that soldier later died and another soldier died in that action but for his heroics, the white house announced last week that sergeant giunta that joined at 18 years old would be awarded the medal of honor in probably late october early november. contessa contessa contessa? >> we'll watch for him to speak from ititaly. thank you, jim. >> you got it. the fight continues in afghanistan. a massive assault as u.s. and afghan forces join forces taking on the taliban stronghold in the south. there it is. hundreds of troops intent on ousting insurgent taliban fighters from kandahar. some of the 101st airborne division in the initial steps of preventing fighters from moving. fighters, explosives and drugs
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into the city. tom aspell joins us live from ka pull. how's it going so far tom? >> reporter: hi contessa. well, that operation is taking place just a little west of the city of kandahar on the south side of a highway where a couple of american bases have been taking incoming fire for a month or so and it seems now that the american forces decided to do something about it. you know there haven't been any details released in kabul about the operation. no reports of casualties or any contact with the taliban but we know that that area is particularly heavy with taliban arms traffickers and drug traffickers this move through that area and the military hoping part of the wider search to deny the strongholds in and around the city of kandahar a birthplace of the taliban that's why they're moving troops around there at the moment. contessa? >> tom, thanks. right now the u.s. embassy in jordan warning americans not to go to the port city of akaba.
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the embassy says a threat the imminent and received threat information and telling americans to stay away from the port city, avoid the downtown and port areas for at least the next 48 hours. last month attackers launched rockets from egypt and hit israel's and jordan's red sea ports and waiting for information about this threat. we'll pass it along. there's an information under way to determine whether a delta airlines pilot had a blood alcohol level too high for him to fly. he was flying from the netherlands to the united states. the flight to newark canceled but the case is not as clear cut as you might think. here's nbc's tom costello. >> this is one of the yes but stories. the pilot is 52 years old he is from new jersey. he was in the cockpit of this delta flight preparing to leave amsterdam for newark yesterday when a member of the crew felt the pilot was not fit for duty. police were called to the plane.
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removed the pilot. once in custody the pilot had a blood alcohol level of .02. barely above the maximum allowed above max law and not above the faa standard. the pilot cannot have a blood alcohol level above .04 and not had a drink in the last 8 hours. the dutch standards is .02. in the u.s., by comparison .08 for driving. .023 the pilot barely above what the dutch law allows and not falling down drunk. nonetheless, the flight was canceled, the pilot suspended and delta airlines rebooked all of the passengers affected. the pilot paid a 700 euro fine, that's about $900 and released. back the you. >> all right. tom, thanks. to denmark an american airlines employee's out of jail
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arrested for stealing a passenger's laptop. investigators reportedly found even more commonly stolen items at his home. so, here's the irony. the man's name is denmark masumoto and he was in denmark kind of. charged with one crime but this is the second incident of stealing american airlines stuff. second incident dealing with this month. watching two big hurricanes in the atlantic, a tropical storm in the gulf. both category 4 storms. julia following igor into the atlantic and both have wind of at least 135 miles per hour. tropical storm karl is a weaker system, it made landfall on the gulf of mexico. today marks the 47th a nz of a major milestone in civil rights history. september 15th, 1963, in the height of battles in the south, members of the ku klux klan bombed the 16th street baptist church in birmingham, alabama. a box with dynamite exploded
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under the church steps as 26 children were walking in for a sermon entitled the love that forgives. four little girls died. the destrx of the african-american church was a turning point in the civil rights movement and helped the passage of the civil rights act of 1964. a happy family reunion for american hiker sarah shourd but her fiancee and friend are left behind in prison in iran. what happens to them, next. a dramatic rescue caught on camera. a well, a camel and a rather unusual location. it could be the set-up to an awesome joke about attorneys. you wanted to see a lawyer clean a toilet but in this economy life's no joke. details in three minutes. trust me. trust me. ya i like that. trust me. bankers are known to be a little bit in love with themselves.
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american sarah shourd is out of iran for the first time in 13 months and now the united states puts new pressure on iran's president to free sarah's two fellow hikers. for shower it was a joyous return in oman finally in the arms of her mother and uncle that struggled to gaen her release. >> i want to really offer my thanks to everyone in the world all of the governments, all of the people that have been involved and i'm grateful and i'm very humbled by this moment. >> shourd will undergo a medical exam to assess the physical condition after her captivity. the trial continues for one of two men accused of murdering a connecticut mother and two daughters in a violent home invasion. jeff rossen joins us now.
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>> reporter: hi, contessa. this morning a police officer from connecticut is on the stand testifying about how they caught steven hays that first defendant on trial right now. this follows an emotional day of gripping testimony yesterday from dr. william pettitte, the lone survivor of the home invasion. prosecutors say two men steven hays and his accomplice entered the family home in the darkness of home tied up, tortured and killed this family. william pettitte was the only survivor. wife jennifer was killed with two young daughters makaili and haley. dr. pettitte with new photo evidence shows where he was tied up by his feet. it shows the cuts to his head as he was basically held hostage down in the basement of his home having to hear his family being
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tortured in another section of the house upstairs. he was mir okay loutly able to get his hands free and get out of the house even with his feet still bound over to a neighbor's house for help but it was too late. prosecutors say the suspects burned the house down. and so jennifer hawk pettitte was sadly raped and strangled in the house and the two little girls died from that fire from smoke inhalation. he is -- he says he will be here every day for the trial to make sure justice is done in this awfully, awfully emotionally and charged case. >> jeff rossen reporting. a florida hospital is facing a lawsuit after performing an unwanted circumcision. mario vera spent ten days in the icu and during this time he was taken out of nicu and circumcised against the wishes of his parents. >> i have never seen a case like this. this is not medical malpractice. this is a battery.
12:19 pm
because this was an unconsented, unwanted, unauthorized touching of this child. >> the south miami hospital says it was an unfortunately mistake caused by a misread consent form and the hospital says the procedure itself was performed following appropriate surgical guidelines and the baby didn't have complications and deeply sorry that this happened. desperate times, of course, call for desperate measures as one of every seven americans who's recently dealt with unemployment knows. take alice lingo who couldn't find work as a new york city attorney. >> in the past year, i have applied for probably about 300 jobs. and only heard back from probably 30 of them. i applied for waitressing jobs, babysitting jobs, paralegal jobs, being an usher at the beacon theater taking tickets in times square. i was willing to do anything so last thursday i decided to just cut my losses and put up signs
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to be a housekeeper. ♪ she works hard for the money ♪ >> i put up signs around the neighborhood saying lawyer turned cleaning lady haven't you always wanted the see a lawyer clean a toilet? it was a logical choice because the pay is high per hour, the stress is low and it allows me to organize my schedule so i can keep applying for full-time league jobs. plus there's nothing better than knowing that you're doing a job that when people come home it is going to make them feel good and sometimes you make people's lives harder as a lawyer. >> and drive people nuts as a lawyer. coming up, a true sign of hope for 33 miners trapped underground. hot on the web today, people talking about the problems with online banking., back up and working but more than 16 million customers were without online banking for 15 hours. the company says it will work with any customers who may have missed online bill deadlines due
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this could be the future of low-cost air travel. you could pay a lot less if you're willing and if it's a big if here if you agree to occupy less than two feet of space. this seat -- not that one. another seat could be the answer. called a skyrider and set to premier next week at a california quon frens. flyers sit in a position similar to riding horseback and gives passengers just 23 inches of space. some people are comparing it to standing room only. would you be willing to fly for a much cheaper rate if you had to squat on a bar stool the whole way? a trapper chilean miner has a new reason for hope. his wife gave birth to a baby girl. her name is espironza meaning
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hope. they're doing well. he will be able to see pictures of the new baby thanks to capsules sent down and a three-inch shaft and remember the one i showed you yesterday. a little hole. engineers say it may take until december to rescue the men. imagine trying to help this guy out. a camel caught in a well near portland oregon. doesn't really sound very happy though. can you hear him? firefighters were able to use ropes and straps to pull the animal to safety and the camel appears to be okay but a veterinarian is going to check it out. snakes on a plane and snakes in your bedroom. a worse nightmare scenario -- well may be a nightmare for some. but here it was a california's teen bedroom. a reptile bit him as he slept. they found the two-foot snake coiled around pipes in the wall. live pictures of italy where
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in just a few minutes hearing from the man that becomes the first living recipient of the medal of honor since the vietnam war. retired army colonel and recipient himself jack jacobs joins me in three minutes. tea party spoils the party for the republican establishment. what the victories mean for the gop and democrats come november. midterm election just 48 days away. after using rogaine for a while, i went to my stylist and she said hair was growing back... i was like, yes, this works... [ male announcer ] only rogaine is proven to regrow hair in 85% of guys. puhh puhh puhh putt and that's it. [ male announcer ] stop losing. start gaining.
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[ gasps ] [ rattling ] [ laughing ] [ announcer ] close enough just isn't good enough. - if your car is in an accident, - [ laughing continues ] make sure it's repaired with the right replacement parts. take the scary out of life with travelers. call or click now for an agent or quote. good wednesday. here's what we're watching right now. mitt romney just endorsed winning tea party candidate christine o'donnell in delaware. in spite of heavyweights saying -- here's what they said earlier this month. she couldn't be elected dogcatcher. democrats are trying to hold on to the seat previously held by vice president joe biden. a massive assault u.s. and afghan forces have joined together to assault the enemy in afghanistan. hundreds of troops are trying to
12:31 pm
establish a foothold near kandahar city where the taliban movement was born. tropical storm karl growing stronger making landfall. checking on the market now. look at the dow jones industrials up just a bit up 30 points on the day. the nasdaq following suit and the nasdaq up 8 points. right now waiting to hear from a real american hero. south africa sergeant salvatore giunta is about to speak with reporters in italy. he is the first living person to receive the medal of honor since the vietnam war. he was serving in afghanistan october 25th, 2007. gun fire hit him in the chest and yet he got up and ran straight into the ambush to help three wounded soldiers. joining me here is retired army colonel jack jacobs and mike jakoff.
12:32 pm
colonel, let me again with you. describe if you will what made sergeant giunta's actions so heroic on that day. >> it has to be an action that is above and beyond. it has to be something which if you didn't perform it you couldn't be faulted. but i think the best take on this whole thing came from bob kerry who was an s.e.a.l. and governor of nebraska subsequently. senator from nebraska for a couple of terms. somebody asked him what does it take to get a medal of honor? he said, you have to do something, people have to see it and they have to be able to write and can't hate you. the whole point of it and it's something that sergeant giunta said a couple of days ago. there are lots of people who do lots of things and people don't see it. they see it but they're killed. >> paul, describe what impact this has on the people who are
12:33 pm
serving with sergeant giunta or other folks serving not just in afghanistan but perhaps in iraq or other places around the world to see someone now as we said a living recipient of the medal of honor. >> he is the embodiment of what this new greatest generation is all about. selflessness, the courage, the integrity. is really going to embody the over 2 million men and women who serve in afghanistan. it is a proud day of all of us and living recipient tremendously historic. >> given how many people come back from iraq and aflg injureghanistan injured and done heroic things, why is there such a lag between the living recipient? >> so few of them, actually. >> yeah. >> a lot of it is subjective like i said. people have to see when you're doing. they have to write it up. it has to be investigated and so gone. and there are a lot of heroic actions that take place that nobody sees. the nature of combat for at
12:34 pm
least part of the conflict of which we're involved in southwest asia has not been conducive to the kind of action that we are talking about. >> here's staff sergeant salvatore giunta speaking in vicenza, italy. >> can you tell us about how that patrol the events came out of -- how it began what time of day it was? what kind of equipment and weapons were you carrying? and lead us up to the point where the taliban attacked your unit. >> the day was -- was like any other day in afghanistan. i mean we're all soldiers. we are all on a mission. this mission in particular was a multi-day mission. it was "operation rock avalanche" and had been going on four days prior to the particular night in question of the 25th.
12:35 pm
it was the end of the october. the end of the october in afghanistan is -- it's cold in the mornings. it's cold at night. it gets warm in the daytime. our particular piece of the mission that day was to overwatch the -- our group of 1st platoon to over watch 2nd platoon who was down in the village of us and engaged the elders and you know, let them know we're there for them and to do that safely, we set up on the ridge line above the village to provide security for them down in the village and then security for ourselves on the backside and did a 360. we ended up moving out at -- just before daybreak from the outpost and it was only maybe two-hour walk to get to our set-up location and set up before dawn. and we set up in our 360-degree
12:36 pm
perimeter and placed small ds. basic infantry platoon weapons so a saw for every one four. two m-4 rifle gunners. team leaders. squad leaders. radio, lots of radios to stay in contact with each other. the day for the most part was quiet. they were picking up chatter about -- they're setting up. the enemy's setting up. they're going to do something. but i mean as a soldier in afghanistan, you expect that. you're going to hear chatter that says all kind of crazy off the wall stuff and be it true or not, i mean, that's what we came there to do. we're waiting for them. we're trying to engage them. we're trying to engage the populace and you know you could get shot at. they could set up on you but it
12:37 pm
won't change the mission. so we sat there all day. and second platoon engaged the villagers. they came out of the village. the sun's just going over the mountains. night's falling. we have apa che attack helicopters covering us, covering the ground. we are preparing to move out so we're breaking down, we're bringing in the clay mores we have set up. we're, you know, given -- handing arm signals. letting everyone know we're going to move back to the outpost and then there's always a specific order of movement we're moving in so sergeant brennan took alpha team 1st squad an moved out first followed by the saw gunner at the time specialist eckroad. myself, specialist casey was my saw gunner and then specialist
12:38 pm
clairy was the two and three gunner and then followed by a portion of the headquarters element so the platoon, the platoon, the medic, the rto of the platoon leaders, radio guy and forward fire observer so someone to call in you know, mortars if need be or direct the helicopters that are flying around. so we have those assets available to us and the troops on the ground can call them in. following the headquarters element was a team from weapons squad which is the 240 bravo consisting of a three-man team, tripods, extra rounds and then after them we had attachment of scouts so a couple different weapons systems within to over watch, have a little bit more magnification on the p withes and add people to the patrol seeings how we were pushing out into an area we didn't really
12:39 pm
know what was happening and best to go prepared. after -- after we pushed out we pushed out in that order of movement and moved down the trail that we were by that we sat at all day. probably 50 meters maybe 100 meters, and that's when we were engaged in the l-shape ambush. >> were you personally carrying? >> say again, sir. i didn't hear you. >> what kind of weapons were you carrying yourself? >> i had -- i'm bravo lead leader and had my m-4 and a small id across my back, a rocket launcher breaks down for convenience of carry. and i had two claymores in my
12:40 pm
ruk sack that because of our mission that day we set up so if we did -- if the enemy ran into our perimeter, we could blow claymores and really, really stick it to them. but we didn't use anything all day. we sat there and relative quietness just kind of watching the surrounding terrain. so i had all -- everything i left in the morning with i had that night. >> sergeant, it is lou martinez with abc news. can i ask you and your wife what the last week has been for you since the news came out and saw reactions of the reports of president obama's call to both of you. can you describe once again what that was like? >> for me, the call from the president -- i had a little bit of warning from sal that it was going to happen so i was at his
12:41 pm
office and -- i mean, it was -- it was intense. it was exciting. when the call came through, i was really really proud. i was proud to know sal and proud to be with him and proud to be his wife. i'm proud of what he went through and i was emotional, of course. there was a lot of emotions running through me. of course, good emotions and sad emotions for those that were lost. but it was also -- it's a very -- it was very intense. very intense moment. and the past week has also been exciting, intense, it's been busy. busier than usual of course. but it's for all good things. >> and there we're listening to south africa sergeant salvatore giunta who's going to be the only living recipient of the medal of honor since the vietnam war. he was in afghanistan in october 2007. they were ambushed by the enemy and even though the firing was
12:42 pm
happening from the enemy the sergeant giunta got hit in the chest plate and ran directly into the ambush to try to save some of his comrades there. let me bring in jim miklaszewski. when's the process now? when will he actually receive his medal? >> reporter: well, contessa, you know, i want to make the point here that you saw sergeant giunta stop at the point that the firing started and he is reluctant to talk about that. he's still somewhat troubled by what had happened and the fact even though he rescued one of his fellow soldiers, that soldier died with another soldier and when asked himself if he considers himself to be a hero he'll refuse to acknowledge that. and instead say it was those on the left and right who were the real heroes and all the u.s. service members in afghanistan who go out on the missions and encounter this kind of threat every day. as far as the award itself, or the honor, the medal of honor
12:43 pm
that probably will be in a white house ceremony either late october or early november. there's always a little bit of lag time between the time the white house announces it and the presentation is actually given at the white house. and, just to mention that they're also stacked up at this point because there's an air force vietnam vet when's also been awarded the medal of honor and that ceremony on tuesday and interesting back story there that airman actually was denied the medal of honor by president lyndon johnson because the u.s. military was operating in laos, an area that was supposed to be kept secret and where the american military presumably not supposed to be operating contessa. >> thank you, jim. let me bring back in colonel jack jacobs that also received
12:44 pm
the medal of honor. does this medal change forever the trajectory of his life? >> oh yeah. no doubt about it. changes his life in the most immediate sense because of all the media exposure the requests for him to be at certain functions and so on. but in a bigger way, it changes his life because now he wears a medal that any recipient, all recipients will tell you the same thing. represents the efforts of other people 0 who did things and were not recognized. you represent all of the american military, all fighting men and women and it -- in a certain respect, it puts a great burden on somebody who's not had that before. >> paul, what kind of a platform or a soap box does that give him? >> tremendous one. he will and should be the most recognizable afghanistan vet in the world. he's going to have an opportunity to represent the entire community military families and the courage is really unprecedented.
12:45 pm
the term hero is thrown around for folks and athletes and this man is a hero. >> we salute him staff sergeant south africa va tore giunta speaking from his wife jenny beside him. they got a phone call from the president letting them know this would be happening and certainly right. salute not only him but the service and the sacrifice of so many of the men and women in the armed forces serving around this world. we'll be right back. piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee. mom: max. ...maxwell! piggy: yeah? mom: you're home. piggy: oh,cool, thanks mrs. a. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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democrats are hoping the tea party could actually help them defeat a fractured gop in november. we saw them claim huge victories against the establishment in delaware and we know what the tea party is against, spending and big government but to win the tea party candidates need to explain what they're for. joining me now joe watkins who worked for the bush white house and chris kofinis. what do you think, joe. what would tea party candidates say they're for? >> i think tea party candidates are capitalizing on the fact that people are very upset. they're dissatisfied with the direction of the country, what they really are upset about is
12:53 pm
buyer's remorse. many of them may have voted democrat in 2006 and maybe in 2008. and they don't like the fact that government is getting larger taxes going up and want relief. they're voting for republican change. >> i said what are they for and you jumped to what they're not for. what they're against. what they don't like. chris, how big of an obstacle is that moving forward or is it an obstacle? maybe that's all anybody wants to talk about. >> i think it is a huge obstacle. the tea party is a flesh-eating bacteria. they're eating their own in delaware, new hampshire. you've seen this in govern nor's races florida colorado, the key senate race in nevada. i mean, this is a major problem because here's the reality the political reality that these tea party folks don't want to confront. this is a country where you need to win over moderates and independents to win statewide. it is a simple fact.
12:54 pm
simple reality. >> here's the christian science monitor poll. 44% of americans see the tea party in a favorable poll. back in march the gallup poll did the polling, 37% see the tea party in a favorable light. surely there are moderates this see the light. joe, go ahead. >> but here's the reality -- >> joe? >> people were moderates but they're not working now. maybe part of the 9.5% rate of unemployment. maybe working but making half of what they used to make and not happy and might be a democrat or a moderate. maybe they're an independent. but in this campaign, in this election cycle voting against the incumbent and some cases republicans who aren't doing enough to change what's happening. >> chris? >> well, i mean, again, here's the political reality. in delaware, christine o'donnell will lose. period. in florida you're talking about
12:55 pm
rick scott another tea party candidate will lose. sharron angle in nevada will lose. >> wait a minute. she as it stands sharron angle is only two points behind in polling behind harry reid. >> right. >> two points in a race -- >> exactly right. >> two points in a race if they're running a more reasonable candidate probably up by seven or ten. and when you look at where the trend is, she's tapped out. she can't get beyond 44. >> within striking distance. >> sure. >> that's a statistical tie. >> it is. >> and before the primary in nevada, you had all the political wonks saying, no way she can do it. she'll put harry reid in the senate again if she wents and here she is neck and neck. i have to leave it there. thank you very much. i want to get to the responses here and asking what the tea party stands for. less government less taxes. more freedom. pro-racism. having the sick die from lack of health care and targeting minorities.
12:56 pm
responses ran the ga mutt here. that's the hour for me. i appreciate the time you spend with me. see you back here tomorrow at noon eastern 9:00 a.m. if you live on the west coast. up next michigan governor jennifer granholm joins "an dree mitchell reports." so fee yeah launched her clothing company nas that gal at age 22 with nothing more than a good eye for fashion and unique sense of style. she started by selling vintage clothes on ebay and now runs her own successful e-commerce site.
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i like things i can depend on. [ male announcer ] don't spend life wondering about your medicare coverage. talk to securehorizons today to get the answers you need. call now. o0 c1 don't ever underestimate the power of we the people. >> right now on "andrea mitchell reports," the tea party candidate claims victory in delaware. another major setback for the establishment and republicans who have less than two months to present a united front. the shake-up in d.c. for only the first time -- for only the third time ever residents ousted the sitting mayor and speculation running rampant. what does this mean for the chancellors of schools? >> make no mistake. school re


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